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Real world research seldom involves a single question being answered by means of a single operation, and the fields of molecular modelling, chemoinformatics and nanoinformatics are no exception. While researchers can create custom scripts to automate common procedures, this solution is less than ideal when projects demand rapid workflow prototyping, interactive data analysis, and robust, appropriately validated models.

These are exactly the conditions for which Novamechanics Ltd Enalos+ nodes are best suited to open-source KNIME interface. Enalos+ nodes are designed to perform molecular modelling and help the user get straight access to multiple Chemical Databases for data mining and manipulation.

Enalos+ nodes built upon the existing KNIME infrastructure are divided in five main categories:

These nodes significantly increase the number of the available KNIME nodes, the data handling tools and bridge different chemoinformatics and modelling tools upon KNIME interface.