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Novamechanics Ltd is an R&D performing SME dedicated to the development of novel algorithms and platforms to solve chemoinformatics, bioinformatics, nanoinformatics, modelling, simulation and medicinal & materials chemistry problems. The company applies state of the art mathematical techniques, for the interpretation and implementation of validated predictive models to big data analysis, personalized medicine, clinical trials, computer aided drug discovery and material science. The aim is to increase profitability, decrease risk, and reduce experimental cost by conceiving new modelling ideas and devising the simulations needed to test them. NovaMechanics’ custom made in silico models and simulation tools are dedicated to the interpretation of research results and to the design of effective experiments in order to validate them.

NovaMechanics’ product range includes:

(i) Enalos Cloud Platform: The company has significant experience in the development of web applications to enable labs and industrial companies to easily launch modelling, data analysis and simulation tasks on flexible cloud computing resources, in order to lower the barriers to entry to complex scientific calculations. Through the Enalos Cloud Platform the in house in silico workflows can be made available online through web services with the purpose to make NovaMechanics’ predictive models available to the interested user wishing to generate evidence on potential effects in a decision making framework.

(ii) Enalos Suite that can package any predictive model developed by NovaMechanics in a completely custom made, platform independent, standalone software.

(iii) Enalos+ nodes for KNIME analytics platform which offer a wide range of cheminformatics, bioinformatics and nanoinformatics functionalities into KNIME to enhance the solution of big data analysis, personalized medicine, clinical trials, computer aided drug discovery and material science problems.Enalos+ nodes are designed to perform molecular modelling and help the user get straight access to multiple Chemical Databases for data mining and manipulation.

 Enalos+ nodes built upon the existing KNIME infrastructure are divided in five main categories:

These nodes significantly increase the number of the available KNIME nodes, the data handling tools and bridge different chemoinformatics and modelling tools upon KNIME interface.