Quality of Fit and Predictive Ability of a continuous QSAR Model

According to A. Tropsha et al. (QSAR Comb. Sci. 22 (2003) 69-77 & Mol. Inf.  2010, 29, 476-488) the following statistical criteria must be satisfied by a predictive model:

1.    R2 >0.6
2.    Rcvext2 >0.5  
3.    (R2 - R02)/R2  < 0.1  
4.    (R2 - R'02)/R2  < 0.1   
5.    abs(R02 - R'02) < 0.3
6.    0.85 ≤ k ≤ 1.15
7.    0.85 ≤ k' ≤ 1.15

R2: Correlation coefficient between the predicted and observed activities
Rcvext2: External cross validation
R02: Coefficient of determination: predicted versus observed activities
R'02: Coefficient of determination: observed versus predicted activities
k = slope: predicted versus observed activities regression lines through the origin
k'= slope: observed versus predicted activities regression lines through the origin 

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KNIME Node Options:

Input Ports
0    Values for the dependent variable, predicted by the model (ypred)
1    Values for the dependent variable for the test set (yexp)
2    Values for the dependent variable for the training set (ytr)

Output Ports
0  Quality of Fit and Predictive Ability Statistics of a continuous QSAR Model

Enalos Model Acceptability Criteria node provides a summary View with information about the predictive ability of model.

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