The Enalos+ nodes are divided into 5 main categories: Modelling, Molecular Descriptors, NCIPubChem and UniChem:

  • Modelling KNIME nodes

Enalos+ Modelling KNIME nodes contains 14 nodes specified for data handling, preprocessing, testing modeling robustness and testing the accuracy of the predictions.

  • Molecular Descriptors KNIME nodes

Enalos+ Molecular Descriptors contains EnalosMold2 node.

  • NCI KNIME nodes

Enalos+ NCI KNIME nodes contains CIR node.

  • PubChem KNIME nodes

Enalos+ PubChem KNIME nodes contains 8 nodes that give direct access to PubChem database through KNIME in order to extract useful information.

  • UniChem KNIME nodes

Enalos+ UniChem KNIME nodes contains 2 nodes for accessing UniChem databases.