Enalos+ UniChem KNIME nodes

Enalos+ UniChem contains 2 nodes for accessing UniChem databases through KNIME:

  • UniChem

Enalos UniChem nodes gives to the user direct access to UniChem databases ( e.g ChEMBL,PubChem, DrugBank, KEGG, ZINC, BindinDB, eMolecules, IBM patents, SureChEMBL etc) through KNIME. UniChem is a superset of all 27 available databases, separated in 5 friendly and easily recognizable categories.

  • UniChem Connectivity

UniChem Connectivity is an expanded version of the standard UniChem tool that allows you to find related molecules. Connectivity Search allows molecules to be first matched on the basis of complete identity between the connectivity layer of their corresponding Standard InChIs, and the remaining layers then compared to highlight stereo-chemical and isotopic differences.